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    think earth

     ■ New uploaded on The Russian MiraCarbon website. Click here to find MiraCarbon in Russia!NEW!
     ■ MiraCarbon is registered in the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
      Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform(STePP).NEW!
     ■ MiraCarbon CFK-3 New improved type was released. Please use it for WWTP, rivers, water tanks.NEW!
     ■ New update on MiraCarbon type and Contact media pages by renewed CarbonFiber standards.
     ■ New update on 【N2O reduction from Wastewater treatment facility by the CarbonFiber method.】
     ■ New update on Nitrogen removal method by MiraCarbon.
     ■ New update on The global warming measures project by MiraCarbon.
     ■ The MSC method paper 【Technology to suppress malodor at the watersides from bottom mud
      dredging】is published on Japan Association on Odor Environment.

     ■ New update on MiraCarbon installation on LAGOON (oxidation pond).
     ■ Notice of change on CarbonFiber water purification material "MiraCarbon" product specification.
     ■ New update on catalog download site (PDF).
     ■ The revised edition of water purification material MiraCarbon.


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       Business Contents
    ■ Environment business
      CarbonFiber water purification
       FAQ about CarbonFiber

     ACF Environmental Purification Material
       Activated CarbonFiber Sheet 
        Filter mat for water tank 

     ACF Mask
      It blocks out PM2.5 more than 99%!

     Sediment treatment technology
       【MSC Method】

       MSC Hyper 

     Intermittent water convector
      Water Purification Example by


    ■ MiraCarbon Power
    ■ Artificial Seaweed bed by carbon fiber
    ■ MSC method PJ

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